Origami Paper crafts And Origami Robotics Course

In Origami Paper crafts students will learn the elementary level of origami crafts. When students complete this course, he will be able to fold origami crafts, such as several patterns of airplane, boats, animals, birds, crabs, dolls, ninja’s throw weapon (shuriken), or boxes without reviewing the course materials. In Origami Robotics Course students will learn Robotics by using Origami crafts.

Course- 1, Elementary Course

Origami – Learn by Doing

Elementary course learn fold basic and some high level Origami crafts without seeing video for 5 – 10 year old kids

Only need papers and cissors (only occasional) Use a lots of square papers.

Course- 2, Advanced Course

Origami Robotics

Learn Origami Robotics, flat sheets of metal or plastic that fold into bots that can walk, climb, and even swim

This is a four week course, in this we will cover

Week 1: Learning traditional Origami
Week 2: Introduction to Paper Circuits
Week 3: Electronics in Origami
Week 4: Introduction to Arduino


Can more than one of my kids participate in course?

Yes! If you’re new to Uncle And. Us, just register for the Family Plan which provides access for up to 4 kids.

If have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us

How is content delivered?

Courses vary in their delivery of content. In most courses, students actively engage with online lectures, interact with online resources,  solve many practice problems

Can adults join Origami?

Nope! We’re a kids-only courses (17 and under). But adults can learn origami projects along with their kids! We recommend

How long does it take to complete a course?

The time it takes to complete an individually paced course varies, depending upon the course and the student.

May I access course offline?

Yes. Students will have access the entire day of the enrollment end date. However, students should plan their time accordingly to avoid rushing to finish.

How to find right course?

Read more about the course formats to determine if your student would benefit from the flexibility of the individually paced format.

How important is parents participation?

It is appropriate for parents or guardians to assist students with their course and to help students maintain an acceptable rate of progress.

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